Bridge International Academies Recruitment October 2018

Bridge International Academies Recruitment October 2018
Bridge International Academies Recruitment October 2018

19 October, 2018

Organization Description.

Bridge partners with governments, communities, teachers and parents to deliver evidence-based quality education for primary and pre-primary school children, believing every child has the right to a high-quality education and currently serve more than 100,000 pupils in more than 520 nursery and primary schools across Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia and India.

At Bridge, we believe innovation and technology can transform learning. We develop world-class lessons based on national curricula, in-depth teacher training and support programmes and utilise cutting-edge wireless technology. Our schools deliver increased learning gains for our pupils by being data-driven and evidenced based. Our recent results showed that children get the equivalent of 64 more days of learning in a Bridge school; when it comes to reading and 26 additional days of learning in Maths. We are committed to providing pupils with a meaningful and life-changing education that can enable them to fulfil their potential.


Why work with Us?

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We believe that all children should be able to go to great public schools but sadly that’s not the case at the moment, so we help to bridge the gap. The schools we run are always accountable to government and we have several different models. In some countries, we run affordable private schools where parents pay, in others (such as Liberia) we run partnership schools with the government. High-performing affordable schools demonstrate that public schools can also be high-performing. Bridge is proving that great education can be delivered sustainably, at scale and within the limited budgets of developing communities and governments.

Bridge offers families a choice with the commitment to excellence provides better results

We are currently recruiting Suitable and Qualified candidates for the following positions;

Job title: Director, Schools

Job ID: 78789

Location: Yaba Lagos

Job Type: Full Time

Director of Schools

Customer Experience  Nigeria, Yaba

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APPLY  Vacancy for a Cashier at House Of Tara

Job Title: Managing Director

Job ID: 75107

Location: Yaba Nigeria

Job Type: Full Time

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Job Title: Associate, Information Technology

Job ID: 75871

Category: IT Support

Location: Nigeria.

Job Type: Full Time

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Job Title: Finance Associate

Job ID: 78427

Category: Finance

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Nigeria, Nigeria

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